Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ultimate Worlds 2010 Live Blogging - Day 3

4:00am - I wake up to a wicked cool lightning storm to realize that I left my Under Armour airing on the window. When I tilt the window to pick it up, I get a nice splash of water from the accumulation. I narrowly avoid dousing my computer and close the window so I don't get rained on.

6:00am - Meryl wakes up whining about me being a noisy sleeper for the 2nd consecutive day. This would normally be understandable, but I warned her about the likelihood of me snoring when she INSISTED that we room together. So I mock her a bit, then ignore her.

6:10am - To beat the breakfast rush before our 2nd consecutive 8:30 game, we go even earlier. However, salami and cucumber sandwiches are no tastier without the amuse bouche of standing in line.

7:30am - After the 10 minute drive to the fields, we have a 10 minute hike downhill into a swamp to make it to the fields. "Squishy" isn't just a nickname for Adriano -- it's an excellent description of the conditions.

8:30am - We have a more focused warmup after discussing that our handlers need to sack up*, we need to use our women, and we all need to play D.

10:30am - The talk worked ok on offense, as we score 7 on the 2009 UPA runners-up and second seed at Worlds. We again forget the visors and give a promise of such to a rather dubious group of Iowans. In return, they explain the origins of their name: Chad Larson, a former UNI player, claimed that no team named after him could be any good, and the team set out to prove him wrong. I'd say they succeeded.

12:00pm - I eat another salami-cucumber sandwich for lunch, then head out to watch Showdown take JinX behind the woodshed. Go AJ! It's amazing to think that I've known her for close to 15 years. Even married, she manages to exude a cool combination of intensity and exuberance. Strong work!

12:30pm - After watching Reija's Viima team fall into a huge early hole (10-3, I think), they can't quite finish the comeback and lose 16-12ish. We then play Freespeed on a field that is a swamp -- they turned on the sprinklers last night in addition to the large amount of rain from the storm. Nice work, Brainiac. We're ready for the game, though.

2:30pm - The game was tight throughout, with us taking at 11-10 lead. Unfortunately, we choke and lose 6 of the last 7 points, mainly through a series of short turns. We're now in the bottom pool and hoping to play a full game instead of just a half. Ugh. I feel like punching myself in the junk after the way we ended the last two days.

5:00pm - We try to find a microbrewery that was recommended to me, but instead end up at a pub serving decent Czech food (menu roulette - no translations!) and Pilsner Urquell. At about 6E a person for a meal and a 0.5L beer. Not bad at all.

9:00pm - We skip the end of Doublewide kicking a Columbian team's ass (glad I missed that last score for Columbia!) to make the team elf vote. Frauzi decided to campaign for me, in spite of me making it clear I'd much prefer to be elf at the main party. Dolt. She'll get hers, though. Oh, yes, she will.

* My words, not Meryl's.

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