Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bama Proves It Doesn't Pamper Athletes -- Classes Are Secondary For Everyone

How important is the BCS game to Bama? Enough so that the "university" cancelled 3 days of classes to let students, animal handlers* and staff maintain an appropriate level of insobriety for such an event. You stay classy, Tuscaloosa.

Now, if I were a Alabama resident AND literate, I would be pretty annoyed that a state-funded school was wasting my tax dollars on such a break. Since I know 40% of this group, I will ask Bri and Schmubb if they're annoyed or not.

* Their official term for "faculty".


Shecw82 said...

It's actually smarter. They'll make the days up later in the year and they know that there's going to be widespread truancy on those days, so may as well celebrate the run to the 13th National Championship. Stuff your jealousy in a sack.

My word verification on this was mifyist- My fist! My Best!

jtingermany said...

Wow. I didn't even know Bama grads could spell "rationalization" much less demonstrate it.

And I am jealous -- of being able to watch semi-pro* Bowl games!

* If it were USC it'd be full-pro.