Saturday, December 05, 2009

Stolen Top 10 of the 2000s : Bars

Take it away, King Wally:

I also like to drink. So today I enumerate my Top Ten favorite bars of the 2000s. As with restaurants, these will largely be bars I went to more than once.*

Honorable Mention: Tramways - Sadly departed, but very cool. I'm sure there's no truth to the rumor that Brendan only got engaged because his true love closed up shop earlier in the year.

10. The Flying Saucer (Ft. Worth) - Naughty schoolgirl outfits for the waitresses and shitloads of tasty beer on tap. Yes, please!

9. Vinique - OK, technically not a bar. But their Saturday wine tastings are pretty faaaaaaabulous!**

8. Rahr Brewery - Also not, technically, a bar. But their free brewery "tours" on Saturday are great -- microbrews, live music, and football on the big screen (in season).

7. Delirium - 2000 beers, plus Noneia, the Queen of Cockblockia? Who wouldn't want to go?

6. Bar am Kaiserteich - Though it can be a bit high on the Pretension scale (often registering 8.3 kDouches/sec or higher!), it's cool. And I can claim, almost honestly, I spent the evening in an art museum.

5. Flashback - $1.50 longnecks and a picture of Sean on the wall -- gotta love Nac. They've come a long way since a waitress tried to scam me in the 90s by charging us for pitchers we never ordered or drank -- though she hadn't cleared any bottles off the table and so it was obvious what we'd had.

4. C Comme - I've only been here twice, and on consecutive nights. LOTS of bottles and half-bottles of champagne to try -- far too many if you're me (or, apparently, Scott). But great bubbly, hot staff, and more local cougars than you can shake a stick at. But at least they were friendly French cougars!

3. Negroni - Again, another one-timer (a CarterBush!), but they did have the best cocktails I've ever tried. Oh, baby. Just make sure to have a woman order -- you might get free shots when you ask for the check.

2. Poechenelle Kelder - A smaller, better version of delirium. Knowledgeable, helpful staff, and directly across from Manneken Pis, so a perfect place to stop and drink after realizing how disappointing the statue is.

1. U Sudu - HUGE bar, with most of it underground, in tunnels that appear pretty old. No matter, tasty beer and friendly Czechs. So much fun Chad & I went 3 nights!

Unfortunately, I had to leave out some, including the cool rooftop bar in NYC (great view, fun vibe, insanely expensive, even for NYC), the KGB bar in NYC, the Porterhouse in Dublin, the Friday bar for the Cork Open (Surly, Trixie, help!), the Londoner, the Gingerman, and the Altstadt in the Dorf (which claims to be the world's longest bar). And a dishonorable mention to Lakewood Landing!

* But not more than twice.
** And, yes, Margaret & Frank, I was using "fabulous" ironically

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seanlb said...

i hope i never have a kid, because that picture on the wall at FB is what i am most proud of in my life.

FB = #1