Tuesday, December 08, 2009

World Cup Draw - Euro Response

Now that I've gotten my coworkers' and friends' feelings on the World Cup, I can draw a few conclusions:
- Both English and American fans feel lucky to have the other team in their group. For the Brits, I have to ask, WTF? Ok, you're happy to avoid Mexico, but cut the crap. As for Americans, settle down. Remember how shaky the team was against Trinidad & Tobago and El Salvador?
- Germans only respect teams that have won the World Cup -- my coworkers were unanimous in the certainty of a 3-0 group record with each game being an easy win (despite Ghana scaring Brazil and Australia getting jobbed in their match against Italy). They also all think that France, Italy and Argentina will raise their games "like always". They, of course, apparently missed 2002 when all 3 were underwhelming.
- Europeans think that location in the World Cup means nothing. Even the biggest fans had no idea that some of the stadia are at altitude, and they invariably discount this as a factor in Mexico, Bolivia, etc. having great home records in qualifying. They also tend to think that the heat for some games in the 1994 and 2002 Cups allowed inferior teams to win -- conditioning is not an important consideration. This also explains why Germans HATED Klinsmann's "innovative"* training methods brought from the USA -- until the team started winning.
- No European had any idea that Euro teams have ONLY won the World Cup in Europe. They also thought this was a coincidence. Because 9-1 in Europe, 0-8 outside is clearly random chance.

More to come as I find it out.

* "innovative" in the sense that the ideas were being used by large numbers of competitive North American ultimate players, in addition to large numbers of pro and college basketball, football, soccer, etc. teams.

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