Monday, December 14, 2009

Best of 2000s: Best Shows

Honorable Mention: Dave Jones 2001 - His rendition of "Baby Got Back" the first day I met him was the bomb.
10. The Santaland Diaries 2007 - Who wouldn't love a foul-mouthed, smoking elf ranting about Macy's?
9. Jack Johnson 2001 - I had no idea who he was in 2000, but I went anyway. Smart move by me. Lots of fun in a small club.
8. Norah Jones 2007 - My only popular music concert in the Dorf, she played 4 different instruments in her first four songs. And then continued to kick ass.
7. Dave Chappelle 2003 - My idiot friends weren't that into him -- until his show appeared before his appearance but after I'd tried to get them to join me. Suckers.
6. Janeane Garofalo 2001 - Only a few months after 9/11, Garofalo went on tour and I managed to fall ass-backwards into 2nd row seats (close enough she heard my smartass comments!). She performed for almost 2 hours and was hilarious throughout.
5. U2 2002 - My first U2 concert was also my favorite. John and I had great seats for a great perfomance and I've enjoyed listening to the bootleg we made. Oh, right, Nick never burned me a copy. Jackhole. But PJ Harvey rocked as the opener.
4. Tenacious D 2003 - Another show my idiot friends failed to take me up on my invite. Heh.
3. MacHomer 2002 - My first time to see this one-man version of Macbeth (doing a different Simpsons voice for each character) was the best, mainly due to the crappy accoustics on the second viewing.
2. Mike Doughty 2002 - Same club as Jack Johnson, different vibe. Doughty was in fine form, heckling a douchenozzle at the bar and playing his own stuff and old Soul Coughing tunes. Unfortunately, he refused my repeated requests for "Screenwriter's Blues".
1. Louis CK/Dave Attell/Chris Rock - I was a bit bummed that I couldn't convince the group to see Paul Mooney in NYC. But Louis CK and Dave Attell were great. But when Chris Rock made an uannounced visit for 45 minutes of new material, I was more than ok with our choice!

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