Saturday, January 09, 2010

Best of 2000s - Nicknames

I pride myself on giving good nicknames to those around me, and the noughts were a fairly successful decade for me. Here are my best.

10. Lord and Lady Surly - If I'd been able to, I'd have taken credit for the name Surly. Instead I can only lay claim to elevating Bri and his Chica to the landed class.

9. Milhouse - In 2008, I had the pleasure of managing an employee on temporary assignment from our regional office. He was a magical combination of self-confidence, arrogance, and complete and utter incompetence. Fortunately, he looked a lot like Bart's loser friend so that I could mock him in emails in code.

8. Second Hand - After a Lemur hooked up with a teammate's ex, he immediately gained a nickname. Whether or not I named him, as captain I get credit. And all names are withheld to protect the horny.

7. Sideshow Rex's Calvacade of Whimsy - King Wally might have come up with this one, but I'm taking credit. The lesson here is that when a poobah, drunk on his own power, asks for a team name, you should give it to him.

6. Ruprecht - One of the execs at one of my jobs in the naughts ran a department that specialized in projects that were high-profile, expensive and abject failures. So I pictured him as Ruprecht the Monkey Boy in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". Then friends & I would laugh at the mental image of him standing in front of an elevator, utterly mystified by it's workings.

5. Angry Jenn - With the proliferation of Jenns in Dallas Ultimate, I felt it necessary to differentiate them. Since Jenn invariably appeared livid when I threw to her*, she became "Angry Jenn".

4. Evil Stu - Faced with 2 Stus that were almost complete opposites of each other, something had to be done. (un)Fortunately, one had a dog that was both annoying and aggressive - think a rabid raccoon that barked constantly. Add in his ability to consistently attempt throws just beyond his range*** and you've got Evil Stu.

3. SBK - This one is fairly versatile. Short for "Stumbulatory Buzz Kill", it refers to a friend of a friend that is invariably a pain in the ass whe s/he drinks. Feel free to assign this to people** you know!

2. Busty Jenn - At Tammy's 2006 Halloween party, Angry Jenn (noticeably less angry after becoming Pokey's squeeze) was dressed in a costume that emphasized her chestular region and "Hey, Busty Jenn, how'd you get your name?" was the next question on my mind.

1. LeChad - A good nickname needs to be catchy, annoying and a bit random. After watching the Seinfeld episode where George bemoans his childhood nickname of 'LeGeorge', I quickly combined it with Chad and the hated (by Chad) and loved (by everyone else) nickname was born. It was retired after LeChad threatened violence. The lesson? If you hate your nickname, ignore it with a sense of bemusement and it will most likely die out. Unless your friends are real jackholes. Then moving might be your only option.

* I've found quite a few people seem annoyed when I throw to them.
** Magpie, this doesn't include me.
*** I, on the other hand, consistently try throws far beyond my range.


Steve said...

Sideshow Rex was yours and remains one of my alltime favorite team names.

berver - a merkin used in heavily trafficed or commercial areas.

seanlb said...

never been so proud or so scarred.

jtingermany said...

Glad it was mine, it seemed witty enough to be a King Wally original.

I do love me some nicknames.

Jules said...

per LeChad....moving was my only option.

Jules said...
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