Sunday, January 31, 2010

Worst. Itinerary. Ever.

Thanks to a glorious combination of a flight cancellation, ticket rebooking mishap and a pressing family matter, I spent 36 hours on what was scheduled to be a 16 hour trip. Instead of The Dorf-Atlanta-Houston, I had the Delta/AirFrance Busiest Airport Sampler:
Düsseldorf (every trip needs a starting point)
Paris Charles de Gaulle - Now with 30% less urine in the trains!
New York JFK - Bitterly cold, and Up Yours!
JFK DoubleTree Hotel (4 hour power nap, courtesy of EU passenger rights)
Atlanta Hartsfield Clusterf*&k
Houston Intercontinental

How do the last 4 rank on the list of the world's busiest airports?
CDG - #6
JFK - #12
ATL - #1
IAH - #16

That's right, I hit 4 of the Top 20 busiest airports in the world in one trip, without changing direction. If my final destination had been Dallas (#8), I'd have hit 4 of 12. One can only dream!

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