Monday, January 04, 2010

Stolen Top 10: Resolutions

I am a big fan of New Year's Resolutions, as it gives me a nice new list of things to underachieve for the year.  Steve had the bright idea to have each item refer to the number 10, so I will mooch the concept.
  • Lose 10 (half) Pounds - This should be doable, but my enjoyment of good food and drink will make it tough.  However, I wisely planned ahead during the trip to France to make this one more doable (I was at 162.3 today, my official starting weight).
  • Cook 10 New Dishes - Stolen straight from Steve, but this is more reasonable than my monthly list from last year.  And it should be doable.  Suggestions are welcome!
  • Take 10 Trips - Since I am generous with the definition of "trip", this should be doable*.  But I won't be doing my 2008 trip-or two-a-month binge.
  • Read 10 Books On My Gargantuan To-Read List - Specifically 10 that have been on the list for more than a year.  I know I'll be hitting up Higgy and other friends for other reading material.
  • Go to 10 New Dorf Restaurants - Counting places I eat while on trips is kind of lame, and I need to break out of my comfort zone in the dorf.  If it gets to December, I'll just eat at new döner stands each day.
  • Write 10 Pages - This seems far more reasonable than actually claiming I will write one of the novels I've been pondering.  Sorry ladies, it won't be erotica**.
  • Try 10 New Beers -  This is harder than it sounds in Germany, since it's hard to find non-local, non-macrobrews.  But I'll do my best.  Backup plan on this one is to head for Brussels.
  • Go To Yoga 10 Times - Much to the amusement of my friends in DFW, I used to do yoga regularly.  I need to get back into it, since I'm apparently not getting any younger.

That's it. I will keep you posted, unless I find it boring. Then I won't.

* If push comes to shove, I'll count Luxembourg the first few days of the year.
** Well, probably not.

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