Thursday, June 17, 2010

Geneva Talampaya Wrap-Up

FBers go HERE for photos. Apologies to Big Dog for the delay.

So, Ultimate deLux had our second tournament of the year, Talampaya in Geneva.  How was it?  Let's get the breakdown, pitifully late:

Travel: I only had an afternoon in Geneva, and by afternoon I mean "5pm until I'm ready to put up my tent". So, I decided that since all the museums were closed, I'd try the 2 microbreweries I found in town. One is across from the train station, Les Brasseurs, and it specializes in getting people drunk enough for night trains. The other, Brasserie du Molard, is attached to a Brit pub. It has a decent brown ale.

Party: Another great party! I've always been skeptical of party themes, but this one (Mars & Venus Invaders) was successful enough to overcome 8Euro (10Chf, pronounced "chuff") beers.

Play: We played well, but again sporadically. We only had 15 people, but this was down to 11 at one point due to injuries (thankfully none serious). Martin kicked ass until he was hurt, then he really didn't seem to play at all. Fred apparently forgot he was the Reverend and not the Priest, as he was abusing his opponents all weekend. A big shout-out to Till for keeping us fairly healthy and enabling me to play, brace-free!

Injury Report: Here are the injuries, and their explanations (not necessarily what was claimed by the injured party):
  • Judith: Thigh bruise suffered when she let an opposing man on top.
  • JT: Recurrence of the Ankle injury, mostly fixed by Till.
  • Weebs: Uvula sprain during warmups, definitely Meryl's fault.
  • Meryl: Hamstring, aggravated during 4 hour post-game tactics discussion.
  • Martin: Knee, partially torn meniscus hurt showing up the D captain.

Team Fun:  The team really stepped up their game and we had a blast. Good elfery by Meryl and lots of bonding. The bar has been raised high for Amsterdam and Prague -- can the herbs, beer and competition beat out Geneva?

Photos:  Enjoy!

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