Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Schadenfreude World Cup?

With Italy and France "fighting" to win the coveted "Most Indifferent" award at the World Cup, and either Germany or England not making the quarterfinals*, Euro soccer arrogance is getting its comeuppance early. All my coworkers who snorted at the statistical irrelevance of no Euro team EVER winning outside Europe are now beginning to think it might not be such a coincidence, after all.

Add to this the horrid performance of African teams that brought in mercenary Euro coaches** (I'm looking at you, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and South Africa!), and it's been a less than auspicious start for UEFA.

And for the cherry on the day's sundae, the TV broadcast just showed a SMOKIN' hot Danish woman petulantly ignoring the guy trying to chat her up as Japan polishes off Denmark. And, apparently, one fan's sex life. Still, free sushi on me***!

* A JTInGermany guarantee!
** After Man City and especially his debacle managing Mexico, we can agree that Sven Goran Eriksson is better at banging secretaries than managing, right?
*** Tell Piranha to put it on my tab.


Tobias said...

Any new comments on "Euro soccer arrogance" after soooo many teams from other continents made it to the semis?

jtingermany said...

No, the Euros played great to good enough in their quarters and semis. And they finally ended the streak of no wins outside Europe! 1 for 11!!!

But the Dutch? Ugh. What ugly soccer.

Tobias said...