Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Live Blogging: Spain - Portugal 1st Half

Title 0:59 - Torres finally shows something other than a leaden touch -- nice start to the match! Too bad they're not playing the USA, that would've gone in.

02:50 - Spain looks like a) they want to score early and b) they want to do it off a shot from the left wing.

06:15 - Hmmmm... I'm not sensing ANY respect for the Portuguese right back.

7:30 - Excellent fighting for position by the Spanish defense on the corner. Unfortunately, they were fighting with each other. On the follow-up, they head it right to a wide-open Portuguese player. Not good.

9:20 - Nothing is funnier than a Portuguese player whining about an opponent diving. Pot, meet kettle.

11:00 - The crowd has figured out how to make the vuvuzuelas work in unison -- this is going to get old in a hurry.

20:00 - It's actually been exciting, but I'm a bit live-blogged out.

26:00 - The USA wrote the definitive* book on beating this Spain team -- clog the middle, force them to the wings, and then counter with speed against Puyol and the Spanish D. Early on, Portugal passed on this to play their own game, but now they've closed down the middle a bit.

34:00 - Ronaldo had a legit complaint earlier on, but now he's just diving and whining. Good to see the ref isn't going for it. Now, will he sack up and play, or keep going to ground? I'm not betting on the former.

38:00 - Anyone else think the vuvuzuelas are a invention of the liberal media, like the "moon landings" and "evolution"? Godless, deaf bastards.

OK, that's enough. I'm just not feeling the snark. Sorry!

* i.e., the only one. The Swiss admitted they followed it.

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