Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Live Blogging: Mexico - France 1st Half

Let's be honest -- I HATE the Mexican soccer team. But I respect them. The same can't be said of France. I'm almost embarassed to say it, but my love of Schadenfreude triumphs -- I want to see France eliminated. Vivá Mexico!

4:00 - Wow, those France uniforms are godawful ugly. Like, USA-'94-denim-ugly. What's up with the plastic?

7:00 - Mexico's aren't much better. They shouldn't have lost the old sun-disk print. Those were cool.

7:50 - Jesus, did Vela ever blow that. Wide open and he puts it 10meters (maybe even 11 yards!) over the bar -- from the edge of the goal box. Tool.

9:10 - Did Mexico get Fabien Barthez, the French keeper from '98, to play goal?

14:00 - Apparently Mexico's only offensive strategy is to kick it over the top and hope to beat the offsides trap. What happened to all the creativity Alberto is always blathering on about?

15:30 - So do 2 challenges that deserve yellow cancel each other out?

20:00 - Wow. In 20 minutes this game has had more action than the Greece-Nigeria crapfest. Rarely has either team kicked to no one or dribbled into a double-team when someone is free. It's disconcerting.

25:00 - So, my thinking that Mexico was getting run off the field was due to Vela being treated for a hamstring injury. Or possibly he's taking acting for a card to a whole new level.

31:00 - Adios Carlos! It's too bad for Mexico this didn't happen a bit later, since Blanco can't quite hack 60 minutes anymore.

40:00 - Mexico is beginning to control, but they can't quite get past Lloris. But the wings of France can't come close to staying with the Mexicans. It's worse than Bocanegra and Spector out there.

44:15 - I'm not sure if Anelka used to be able to shoot anywhere other than at the keeper, but Old Man Nikolas keeps hitting it right at his chest.

45:00 - Ribery hit the turf like he thought there was an underage prostitute under the grass.

45:00+ - I think it's kind of BS that the half ends on a yellow card. Sure, he misses the next match, but he also stopped a very promising attack -- with no follow-up. That's Le Crap.

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